An Open Message To All Offline Consultants Who Are Not
Getting As Many Clients As They’d Like…

Are you struggling when it comes to landing new clients?
 Is your consulting business not getting enough calls?
Are things very SLOW right now?

I’ll Show You How You Can Easily Offer A
Highly-Profitable “Google My Business” Listing
Service To Desperate Local Businesses
Who Will Be So Grateful They Will
Hand You Check After Check!

What’s More… I’ll Give You All The Tools Necessary To Be Able To Offer This
Profitable Service That  Will Land You TONS Of Clients…
Month In, Month Out.

From the laptop of: David Cisneros (Expert Offline Consultant, Successful Marketer)
Subject:  Fresh Clients Will Literally Elbow Each Other Out Of The Way To Do Business With YOU!

Dear Offline Consultant,

If you’re not taking advantage of “Google My Business” at this very moment…

You’re missing out on TONS of potential clients who could make YOUR phone ring off the hook...

Because here’s the thing…

Believe it or not, there are plenty of local businesses who desperately want to get on the “Google My Business” listings but don’t know how to go about it…

And who are willing to hand over fat checks to hire someone to help them.

That means ONLY one thing to you:

A GOLDEN opportunity that can provide a springboard for your offline consulting business to reach a whole new level!

If You Want To Tap Into A Never-Ending Stream Of Fresh, New Leads For Your Offline  Consulting Business, Today Is Your Lucky Day!

Answer me this:

Are you unhappy with the amount of leads your offline consulting business has been getting lately?

Would like you like to breathe new life into your consulting business and start getting calls from local businesses desperate for your help?

If you answered a resounding “YES!” to either of these questions…

I have something VERY exciting for you.

I’m talking about a fool-proof, profitable way to finally take your offline consulting business to the next level!

Allow me to proudly introduce…

Money Mapping

“Money Mapping” is a fantastic, off-the-grid and VALUABLE video training + marketing package which will bring in profit from an untapped source of local businesses who have no idea how to get onto Google My Business listings.

I’ll provide you with absolutely EVERYTHING you need so that you can finally start offering Google My Business listing services to a hungry crowd of local businesses that will happily PAY YOU to help them.

And when I say everything, I really mean everything!

 Just have a look at all the fantastic benefits you get when you access “Money Mapping”:

Step by Step Video Training:

We take you by the hand and show you how to get your clients in the Google My Business listing.  We have complete video tutorials AS WELL AS as the PowerPoint PDF presentation.  You can use either as a reference to get your clients listed.

Marketing Video:

We call this a "Marketing Video" but technically its a "Training Video" for your clients.  The video is almost ten minutes in length.  We cover ALMOST everything that needs to be covered with obtaining a Google Business Listing, but it really stresses how difficult it is to do it themselves.  WE use this video to educate, but to more importantly, to get them to call us for HELP!!

Money Mapping Lead Gen Software:

This easy to use browser software is in the members area.  No need to install anything, just simply follow the instructions, use a free screen capture tool like Jing, and you will create a Personalized Lead Page in Minutes! 

Lead Gen Lander:

Create a "Personalized Lead Gen Page" for your local clients.  You can really hit home with this.  They will recognize the logo, the name on the page, and they will think you took a long time to put this together.  When in reality, you used our simple online software to build it in minutes.  This is guaranteed to get the attention of your local business.

Email Swipes:

We have included an email swipe that you can use to send to prospects. The email swipe is what you need to send emails and get responses.  Of course, creating the Personal Lead Page and then sending the emails is ideal. 

Marketing Postcards:

We have included these easy to edit postcards that you can use at marketing meetings, or send to businesses that you have created a lead gen page for.  If you do not have Photoshop, its easy to find an outsourcer on Fiverr to edit them for you for just a few dollars.

Let's Recap what you get...

Step-by-step, amazing video training that will show you all you need to know to transform your struggling consulting business into a healthy, thriving one!

Includes a customized, high-quality marketing video to sell the service to potential clients and a persuasive video script that you can personalize (seriously, this professionally-made video will do all the selling for you… local businesses will watch it and will instantly be clamoring to do business with you!)

Easy-to-use online browser software that will allow you to set up personal lead pages in a flash.

Hyper-effective, eye-catching marketing postcards to promote personal lead pages.

Includes easy-to-follow PDF that will give precise instructions on the steps you need to follow in order to attract MORE clients to your offline consulting business!

Client-generating email swipes to send to local businesses explaining what  they are missing by not being listed. These leads will be literally BEGGING you to help them out.

5-star BONUS: You’ll also get a special bonus video where you’ll learn how to find unclaimed business pages in minutes!

The techniques, tips and strategies I’m showing you in this exceptional package are proven to work, and will definitely get you MORE leads for YOUR offline business.

And much, MUCH more…

Getting Local Businesses To Pay You Is Easy…
But ONLY If You Know How To Offer Them A
Service That Will Include Them In
“Google My Business” Listings.

…And Money Mapping Will Allow You To Do That!

Look, it’s easy to get your phone to ring MUCH more.

And trust me, I’m not talking about calls from tire-kickers but genuinely interested, cash-in-hand local business owners looking for someone to help them.

You can be the guy (or gal) offering the very same service they crave, and.. what’s more, get paid handsomely for it.
Also, the best part is that this is definitely NOT a hard task.

In fact, with all the training and material that you’ll find in the members’ area you could start offering this lucrative service in no time at all!

Now the question is… are you going to allow your competitors to steal your potential clients?

Get Access To Members’ Area NOW By Clicking The
“Add To Cart” Button Below!

Hurry Up!
 The Rock-bottom Price That You See Now Won’t Last Forever!

There’s NO RISK For You Here – It’s All On My Shoulders… Try “Money Mapping” For 30 days And If You’re Not Happy, You Get Your Money Back!

Yes, you read it correctly.

My faith in “Money Mapping” is unshakable.

That’s why I want you to try it out (risk-free) and decide for yourself.

I promise you… all the material is TOP-QUALITY and if you do what I say, you’ll be easily able to tap into an amazing source of fresh, new leads every month.

Now, if, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied and are unable to get more leads ( which is very unlikely to happen) then shoot me an email.

I’ll refund you every last penny… no questions asked.

Either you’re 100% happy or your money back!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t Delay And Get Immediate Access To “Money Mapping” By Clicking The Button Below NOW!

 And Hurry Up!
 The Rock-bottom Price That You See Now Won’t Last Forever!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Remember that I’m always reachable and if you need anything.

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