If You're A Struggling Offline Marketer, Get Ready To Finally Start Landing
Offline Clients Over And Over Again... Like Clockwork.

Create Lightning-Fast Eye-Catching, High-Quality Mobile Websites And Offer
Valuable Mobile Services That Will Make Local Business Owners
Eager To Do Business With You And Hand
Over Mouth-Watering Checks!

...And The Best Part?

You Won't Have To Kill Yourself, Since All Of The Hard Work Will Be Done For You.

Eye-Popping Flyers, Hollywood-Style Videos And A
Premium Software Lead Page Generator
Are All Included In This Unbelievably
Valuable Package:

Mobile Marketing Toolset

  • The ultimate mobile marketing "weapon" for offline marketers who want to make more money by landing MORE offline clients
  • You only need to customize it and you're ready to offer profitable mobile services (no headaches, no complications)
  • Save tons of time and $$$ (no need to outsource anything or spend prohibitive amounts of money dealing with unreliable web coders or designers)
  • Your local business clients will LOVE this and will be more than happy to hand you mouth-watering checks!
  • And much, much more!

From: Dave Cisneros (Offline Consultant, Expert Mobile Marketer And Ninja Marketer)
Subject: I Want To Offer You A Kickass Tool That You'll LOVE (And That Will Allow You To Land TONS Of Offline Clients!)

Dear Offline Marketing Consultant,

It's no secret that the world went mobile.

If someone wants to know about a local business they usually pull their phone or tablet out of their pocket... and fire up Google.

If the website they seek isn't mobile-ready, well... then they just click away as fast as possible.

Local business owners KNOW this, yet they don't know how to create a mobile website for their clients.

I mean, they'd LOVE to get more clients via mobile traffic, but maybe they're so busy with other aspects of their business that they
simply don't have the knowledge or time to sort this out.

And now that Google's Mobile First Indexing is now finally getting rolled out, NOW is the time to take advantage of it. 

So What IS Google's Mobile First Indexing?

As you can see from the graphic above, local business owners are in danger of losing any rankings they have for their sites if they don't get give their users a great mobile experience.

That's Where You Come In... And Where You Can Make LOTS Of Money!

Yeah, because if local business owners don't know how to "go mobile", they'll proactively look for someone who can help them.

... And that someone could be YOU.

In fact, you can become a "mobile expert" today even if you have no clue how to go about it.

Yes, that's right:

After TONS of hard work and thousands of dollars spent I've created the definitive mobile marketing "weapon" that will allow you to easily offer mobile services to desperate local business owners who will literally be BEGGING you to help them!

And of course, you'll get paid nicely for it too!

Allow me to proudly introduce you to my:

Mobile Marketing Toolset

This could very well be the DEFINITIVE mobile marketing toolset for ambitious offline consultants who want to jump on board and offer mobile services to local business owners who NEED a service like this.

And the best part is that you don't have to kill yourself creating everything on your own (or spend a small fortune outsourcing the whole thing)... you only have to deploy the ready-to-run tools and you'll be all set to go!

This is what's inside the "Mobile Marketing Toolset":

Create Personalized Lead Pages That Will Literally "Compel” Your Prospective Clients To
Call For Your Help!

This might be the BEST tool in the package because it's SO effective and persuasive that local business owners will be compelled to ring you up and BEG for your help.

You only need to customize this ultra-effective lead page, deploy it and offline clients will be clamoring to do business with you!

Mobile Leads Are Everywhere, Check it out...

Use Jing.com to Grab an Image and Add Arrows and Text, and Upload it with Your Software to
Add another Personal Touch to Your Lead Page!

Use these steps to land your next mobile client:

1) Use Googles Mobile Friendly Test on Local businesses in your area

2) Take a screen-capture using Jing of the Google Results

3) Use our Online Software to Create a Personal Lead Page & Upload to your server

4) Send the link to the business owner via email or flyer and wait for them to call you back.

Eye-Popping, Professionally-Designed Flyers
Promoting Mobile In 10 Ultra-Hot,
In-Demand Niches:

These premium, eye-catching flyers were created by Photoshop wizards and can be used as a devastatingly effective
"mobile weapon"- Your offline clients will be simply amazed!

Premium, Hollywood-Style And Impactful Videos
Promoting Mobile (Also In 10 Cool
And Profitable Niches)

Video and mobile are a match made in heaven. That's why I spent thousands of dollars out of my own pocket compiling these 10 incredibly enticing videos which you can offer to your offline clients -- if you combine the power of video + mobile, you'll need little else to be GOLDEN.

Off-The-Grid, Slick Mobile Software Builders
(So Easy To Use, You'll Laugh...)


With this TERRIFIC and valuable piece of software you'll create stunningly beautiful tap to call mobile pages real fast. There's no need to complicate your life messing around with mind-destroying code or anything like that. In fact, all you have to do is point, click and you're ready to rock n' roll!

You get three mobile tap to call mobile builders that will create a template with a Static Image, Carousel Slider or Video.  You have three options to offer your prospects.  Use these as a give-away or foot in the door with local prospects.

This is a perfect solution for any business that does not have a mobile website.  The best types of businesses to use this with are business owners who have mobile customers that need help fast.  Example, plumbers, taxi, chiropractors, electricans, home contractors, etc. 

As You Can See, This Extremely Valuable Mobile Marketing Kit Is Something You Need If You Want To Leave Your
Competitors In The Dust... While You Collect EASY Checks!

Exactly - you can start landing more clients TODAY with "Mobile Marketing Toolset".

What's more...

You don't have to complicate your life because everything's right there in the members' area and you don't need to muck around with code, graphics programs or anything like that.

You only have to log in, customize it and you can offer mobile services to eager clients who need your help!

You Can Try "Mobile Marketing Toolset"
Today, Risk-Free... For 30 Days!

(Either You Love It Or Your Hard-Earned Money Goes
Back In Your Pocket)

Hurry Up! This Is A 4-Day Special Introductory Offer And
 The Rock-bottom Price That You See Now Won’t Last Forever!

Look, I understand that you've probably seen a myriad of mobile products promising you easy offline clients and if you're skeptical,
I totally get it.

But in order to show you my complete and utter confidence in "Mobile Marketing Toolset", (the same mobile marketing tool I use in my offline consulting business) I'll let you try it risk-free, for 30 days, or ONE whole month.

Yeah, you heard right - you have 30 days to test-drive everything and see whether this is for you or not.

And in the unlikely case you're not satisfied, simply ask for a refund and I'll not hesitate to give you your money back -- no ifs, no buts!

There's Nothing To Lose And So Many Clients To Gain... You Can't Go Wrong With This So Don't Wait One Minute More - Go Ahead And Click The "Add To Cart" Button Below - NOW

For a small investment (+ 30-day money-back guarantee as extra protection)

I'm super-keen to see you on the inside!

Your friend,

David Cisneros (Offline Consultant, Expert Mobile Marketer And Ninja Marketer)

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